About Mike Willson.NET

Howdy, thanks for visiting my personal website – MIKEWILLSON.NET. This is just a little place I’ve put together for others to get lost with me in my adventures – Mountain Biking, Hiking Trails or Camping in the most beautiful parts of Australia.

Hi there! My name is Mike – I’m a just a humble old bloke, trying to squeeze the most out of this Adventure we call Life!

My interest include; building businesses and trying to be an Entrepreneur, riding mountain bikes, hiking in the bush, camping, Mother Nature. By Day, I’m the Master Cleaner at the Redgum Cleaning Company.

I’m a Father to five beautiful children Mikaila, James, Chloe, Amelia-Kate and Oliver, and Grand Father to 1 beautiful Grand Daughter – I know right! I look way to Young to be a Grand Daddy.

I love the Ocean, and would call myself a Surfer, who doesn’t surf any more or hasn’t in a very long time. I’m also a frustrated Artist, my Artistic Name is Stubborn Bull. I’ve created a few pieces over my time, but don’t get a lot of free time to sit down and produce anything of late, the Life of a Small Business owner.

If your Mind Conceived It, Then You Can Achieve It

Mike Willson

I hope you enjoy some of the content I post, I will try to make it as interesting as possible, but no promises.