Great Day @ Awaba MTB Park

Awaba MTB Park 02 Feb 2020

Back Again with More Footage

Hey again, I'm back with some more GoPro footage of another ride. This was another hard ride with a lot of heavy breathing.

Location - Awaba Mountain Bike Park

Awaba TrailsThis time I found myself at the Awaba MTB Park. I really like this park it has some awesome lines and sections, but the up hill stuff still gets to me. Hopefully soon I will be able to ride it with a little more ease.


Anyway, lets get to the footage, below is the video.

Mike’s Day @ Awaba MTB Park 02 Feb 2020

Hi there! My name is Mike – I’m a just a humble old bloke, trying to squeeze the most out of this Adventure we call Life! Thank you for reading my writings, hopefully they have brought some enjoyment.