Strickland State Forest – Going the Wrong Way

First-Time @ Strickland State Forest

So wow, here is a First for my new website, 2 Vlogs in one day!

The footage in this vlog is a bit chopped up as I lost some footage from the GoPro stopping mid-way through the ride.

First-Time at Strickland State Forest

I've been wanting to visit the Strickland State Forest for sometime now, and today I decided it might be a good day to do so. I know its a great walking and hiking track, but I wanted to try to ride the trails on a mountain bike! I'm definitely not the first to try, but I'm more than sure that I'm the only fool to go the wrong way!

Anyway, by the end of this little adventure I was freaking buggered, my legs felt like jelly and still do as I write this blog. The stinging pain I was feeling was testing my endurance I can tell ya.

Until next time, stay young keep active.

Strickland State Forest – 12th April, 2020

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