The Struggle Was Real Today

The Morning @ Ourimbah MTB Park

The Struggle Was Real Today!

Well Gday folks, back again for another vlog of my MTB adventures. Today was a very hard day's ride. I have been a little congested all week - the life of a smoker, and today I really felt the effects of that congestion.

I was back up at Ourimbah MTB Park in the Watagan Forest, and there were a lot of other riders out today, I think I must of arrived as everyone was getting to the end of their rides - I didn't really see a lot of people on the trails.

Struggling As a Smoker

Being a smoker, and riding mountain bikes, or doing any Sport really doesn't go together - No kidding I hear you saying. I knew I was not going to be in the same form as my ride from a week or so ago - but Man, was I feeling it. I really do need to stop smoking if I want to get faster on the trails.

New Section Opened

I also discovered that there is a new section of track that has been opened to go around the falling tree that I almost ran into on my last ride. I thought the new section was pretty cool to ride, nice and soft dirt, pretty quick lines - everything a mountain biker loves to see and ride.

Anyway, enough of my waffling - below is the GoPro footage from this ride. Just a notice of warning, there is a bit of swearing and heaps of heavy breathing and coughing.


Video Footage of the Struggle

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